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The educational needs of children at various ages are extremely different, each requiring a specific approach. No one expects a two year-old child to have the same level of comprehension as a kindergarten-aged child. Different age groups require different methods, different processes and different learning materials. 

At Holmdel Preschool, we utilize the Creative Curriculum®, a research based innovative, engaging curriculum and by doing so we offer developmentally appropriate practices.  Our daily nurturing routines and meaningful experiences meet children’s strengths, interests and needs allowing them to reach their highest level of potential.  The curriculum is recognized for its forward thinking, rigorously researched model.

Research suggests that in many young learner classrooms daily routines become often missed opportunities for nurturing relationships, encouraging language development and supporting content learning. Our utilization of Creative Curriculum® ensures that these opportunities are capitalized upon.  Our program is individualized, comprehensive and supportive at every level.

In addition, our learning philosophy revolves around the 4 C’s. We believe in developing our students ability to think for themselves by focusing on Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication. Opportunities for learning by discovery are provided in both small groups and independent learning experiences. Sufficient time is allowed in open ended play offering opportunities for exploration and discovery in a supportive environment. At Holmdel Preschool, we don’t give children answers we help them find answers!

For children that need to stay for an extended day, we offer an Aftercare Program. There are multiple enrichment programs for each age group. Some of these are cooking, science, soccer, gym and movement, literacy/book club, and art exploration, depending on the group.


We offer

Responsive Care through Routines and Experiences

Routines and Experiences that structure each day are what enable children to develop a secure attachment with the important people in their lives and gain confidence in themselves as learners.

Our program at the Infant, Toddler and Two’s level is nurturing, responsive and intentional as is provided by Creative Curriculum.

We create

Flexibility to Respond through Language and Interaction

A language rich environment full of warm, loving and meaningful interactions. This is what helps build the foundation for children’s future success in school and in life.

Teachers are intentional about the daily experience they provide, while giving them the flexibility to respond to the changing interests, abilities and needs of the children in their care.

There are 38 research based objectives that are at the heart of the curriculum and it is based upon nine areas of development: social – emotional, physical, language, cognitive, literacy, mathematics, science, social studies and the arts. Through this we are able to provide responsive and creative care-giving linking curriculum and assessment. The curriculum clearly outlines the journey we embark upon with our early learners and the objectives define the skills, the knowledge and behaviors the children will acquire while in our program.

Holmdel Preschool has tailored six learning environments, plus parent/child, designed to allow children to learn, grow and develop at their own pace. By tailoring these environments to specific age groups, we reduce the frustration that often occurs when a child is presented with a theory or lesson plan that is too advanced. Equally important is ensuring each child is challenged to stretch and grow towards achieving age appropriate goals. Children build self-confidence through accomplishment and positive reinforcement from the adults in their lives. Holmdel Preschool provides opportunities for each child to thrive.

By setting specific goals for each learning environment, the professionals at Holmdel Preschool can assess each child’s progress within their own personal parameters. In essence, the child sets the pace for his or her own social, emotional, physical, intellectual and creative maturity. Our planned activities and daily programs focus on reaching social and emotional goals and the Holmdel Preschool staff and parents work together, partnering to help each child throughout their educational journey.

Our Learning Environments include:



early learning programs

Our classrooms are bright and cheery, featuring colors and materials chosen to create a positive atmosphere. The whole classroom environment is designed to make children feel comfortable by creating supportive surroundings. All learning materials are age appropriate and chosen for educational value, quality and versatility. Each classroom has its own bathrooms and washing facilities.

Fresh air and exercise all play an important role in creating a total learning environment. That’s why Holmdel Preschool provides and maintains a fully equipped playground area. This fully fenced and secured outdoor area is designed for safety and closely supervised for every age group. Our playgrounds feature all the favorite equipment for plenty of fun and exercise. We have three playgrounds; one dedicated to infants, one for toddlers through three year olds, and one for four years and up, offering exercise for gross motor skill development as well as opportunities for socializing. There is also a large field available for special events, sports, free play and our soccer instruction. Everything we do at Holmdel Preschool is designed with your child’s welfare in mind.

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