Holmdel Preschool is totally responsive to the need for enhanced protocols to meet the safety needs of our children for a COVID Free Environment.

Sanitizingschool sanitizing

Enhanced cleaning/sanitizing throughout the day. Enhanced cleaning and sanitizing every evening by a professional cleaning crew.

  • High touch areas cleaned every 60 minutes
  • Touchless door handles installed which are utilized by elbows not hands
  • “Yuck bucket” to keep highly touched items removed from use and thoroughly cleaned throughout the day before putting back in use
  • HVA system installed to specifically absorb bacteria and viruses
  • UV light stations to destroy bacteria and viruses utilized each night

Precautionary Procedures

contactless drop offContactless Drop off and Pick Up
•  Parents call before drop-off and pick-up.  Waiting spaces are clearly marked to enforce and control physical distancing.
•  Children change into “school shoes” at entry, have a health check, and hands washed at arrival.  Change back into “outside” shoes when leaving and hands washed.


entry temperature checkLimited Adult contact
•  NO Parents, NO guest visitors, NO shows, NO trips
Health screening at entry
•  Temperature taken at entry and parents questioned about any exposure or symptoms for the children, themselves, and family members. Temperatures taken throughout the day.


hand washing at schoolEnhanced Handwashing
•  20-second hand washing by children and adults multiple times throughout the day to control contamination.
•  Children and adults wear masks.


socially, safely distantSocial/Physical Distancing
•  Children are only in their own classroom with their own teachers so there is no cross-contamination class to class.
•  Spacing between students is farther apart than normal to control contamination.


For Information and Resources Visit:


Download: www.mindheart.co/descargables

Visit: nasponline.org

Helping children cope with changes resulting from COVID 19: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html

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